Power Slam of the Oppressed

Anyone ever get bullied around as a kid? I never really did, well not singled out anyway. This kid was a jerk, but he was a jerk to everyone. I just snapped first (or I was the first a teacher saw). I threw a couple of punches and we both ended up getting suspended for it. My friends wore t-shirts the next day protesting my innocence. Josh…. didn’t have many friends. I can’t even remember what he was doing to set me off. I think he was shooting bb’s with a rubber band or something. Anyway, he got himself expelled for pooping in some kids shoe a few weeks later so he definitely had it coming.

I felt bad about my suspension, mostly because I was being punished and that always sucks. My parents, teachers and the principle all told me I handled the situation completely wrong. My cross country coach was really pissed. I did miss a race because of the suspension.  But looking back now, I’m not so sure what I did was wrong. I did break the rules. I did resort to violence to solve a problem. But you know what? The faculty finally noticed what an assclown this kid was. I think it was mostly due to the 15 or so ‘free drilling’ t-shirts students were wearing the next day, but they wouldn’t have been wearing them if I hadn’t stood up to the kid.

I don’t about you, but my response the first time I saw that video was, “Oh shit….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Casey Heynes, the -eh hem- chubby kid in the video has been picked on pretty much his entire life. Little skinny wise guy thinks its a good idea to pick a fight with someone three times his size. Casey takes the first punch, right in the mouth, and just tells the kid to leave.  That only encourages the little slime ball. After a few more swings, Casey has had enough, picks the kid up, and slams him on the ground like a bag of gas station ice. Casey gets a fat lip, and the bully gets a concussion. Who gets suspended for fighting? Casey.

I’m not going to argue that he crossed the line. That looked like it really hurt. I don’t ever want to be thrown around like that. Then again, I’m not going to punch someone in the face because they are fat (annoying might be a different story). Should he have been suspended for it though? I don’t think he should. Never mind the bully that started the fight received no punishment (besides the obvious ass whoopin). How can you punish a kid for actually standing up for themselves?

When I was growing up my parents always told me not to fight back and to turn the other cheek when dealing with bullies and eventually they will leave you alone. Really? Bullies pick on the weak kids because they are easy targets and you want me to be a better target? I say stand up to them and fight back. You don’t have to win, just show them you’re not such an easy target after all and they’ll leave you alone. I’m not saying to should be picking fights or using whatever justification you wish to ‘defend’ yourself, that would make you the bully. But standing up for yourself when your backed up against a wall is perfectly reasonable.

Josh never bothered me again after that fight. And I can guarantee you that Casey will never have another bully problem (anyone dumb enough to mess with that kid after seeing the video deserves what they get). Also, I’ll bet you lunch for a week that the bully in that video is on his best behavior for the next month (concussion aside). It doesn’t matter who got suspended, everyone in the world knows that kid is jerk and his teachers will be watching him like a hawk now. Casey, I’d like to shake your hand if I could. Just because you were punished doesn’t mean you didn’t do what’s right (double negatives my face, let’s see you word that sentence better :P).

I wanted to use this as a segue way into other topics related to bullying, like public unions and democrats, but that will have to wait until next time. It is late, I’m tired and this is now 729 words. Which means it’s probably the longest thing I’ve written since freshmen year. 742

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4 Responses to Power Slam of the Oppressed

  1. Nicole says:

    The video has been removed from YouTube, but I saw it on the news. I had a Free Drilling shirt! I paid someone $5 for it, which apparently was the cost of the shirt and markers. Anyway, I feel like no one in charge can say violence was the right solution. They might secretly be thinking it, but they can’t ever say it. But for the record, I heard that many teachers stood up for you in faculty meeting. And you got so popular 🙂

  2. Tyler says:

    I believe he pulled your chair out from under you as you were sitting. His face was priceless!

  3. Jessica Shulack says:

    I love your blog!! And I completely agree with this. My brother was being pushed around on a bus, fought back, and he was the only kid that got suspended for it. Assholes… Also you do have bad spelling but I was laughing at your Dave-ish sarcasm so much that I barely noticed 🙂 Plus it adds a little character, not that you need that.

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